Signature Massage
30 Min | $50+
60 Min | $70+
90 Min | $95+
Our customized signature massage will help you relax, rejuvenate and renew your mind, body and spirit. We utilize Aveda’s pure plant and flower essences to further enhance your experience.

Hot Stone Massage
60 Min | $80+
90 Min | $100+
During a stone massage, our massage therapist utilizes warm, polished stones and oil to reach deeply stressed muscles, releasing underlying tension.

Stress-Fix™ Massage
60 Min | $70+
90 Min | $95+
Our Stress-Fix™ Massage combines the power of Swedish and deep tissue massage, acupressure, foot reflexology and Aveda’s Stress-Fix™ aroma, which is clinically proven to relieve feelings of stress.

Chakra Balancing Massage
60 Min | $95+
90 Min | $125+
This treatment merges deep tissue and guided meditation with Aveda’s Chakra Balancing Blend aromas to open and balance the seven chakras, the body’s energy centers. You will also take home a full-size Chakra body spray mist, a value of $30.

Cupping Massage
60 Min | $80+
90 Min | $100+
Cupping is an ancient healing massage technique utilizing suction cups to pull toxins and stagnant blood to the surface of the skin, where they can be easily flushed. Cupping decreases scar tissue and can help treat colds, lung ailments and muscle pain, including arthritis pain.

Couples Massage
60 Min | $160+
90 Min | $210+
Prenatal Massage
60 Min | $70+
90 Min | $95+
Pregnancy Massage is customized to meet the unique needs of a woman’s body during pregnancy. Massage during pregnancy can help reduce swelling, ease sciatic pain and muscular discomfort, relieve anxiety, increase blood circulation and oxygen in the blood.

30 Min | $45+
60 Min | $60+
Reflexology is a natural healing technique which involves the application of pressure to specific points and areas on the feet and hands. Reflexology stimulates sinuses, various organs and muscles to improve lymphatic drainage and circulation, muscle relaxation and overall health.

Ayurveda Scalp Massage
15 Min | $25+
Relieve stress and tension, improve circulation, increase blood and oxygen supply to the scalp, and reduce fatigue with this customized treatment.
     Add on to another massage $15

Chair Massage
15 Min | $20+
30 MIn | $50+
60 Min | $70+